10 May 2012

Decorative concrete screenblocks

Series no.397 (1-5) now showing at A cappella cafe, Wells Rd, throughout May, 2012 as part of the Bristol Festival of Photography

Searching for and discovering decorative concrete screen blocks has become a bit of an obsession of late, especially looking for the 'square in square' design (no.397).
My aim is to create simplicity within an image by omitting the unimportant in order to emphasise the important - to remove the chaos, the excesses and clutter that may otherwise overwhelm and distract.

The photographs are of Poundstretchers in Fishponds, Bristol. a busy location and a shop packed full of stuff. By reducing, refining and simplifying, these images have a sense of purity and order focusing on surface, form, repetition and pattern.

In pursuit of simplicity, order has prevailed and simpler forms have become prominent, taking on their own resonance and character

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