5 November 2012

Totterdown Art Trail,16-18th November 2012

Series No. 397, Old Magistrate's Court (1-6), giclee prints

New work to be shown at 6 Firfield Street, along with Andre Shlimon (an alternative-classical pianist) and Joseph Turp (photography and film).

Continuing my search for decorative concrete screen blocks (square in square design, no.397), I came across another wall of order, repetition and pattern at the Old Magistrate's Court in the centre of Bristol.

Yet another building that is due to be demolished. A failure. The proposed development is to provide a mixed use development consisting of a hotel, shops, car parks, student accommodation.

Designed in the 1960's and built in the 1970's, empty since 2007, this building has been deemed as 'brutalist' by English Heritage with 'little intrinsic value or significance, and which relates poorly both to the surrounding historic buildings, and the townscape generally.'

Now being used as a canvas for urban/grafitti artists, this ruination is temporarily being appreciated and explored.

Whatever your opinion of the 1970's structure, the new proposed development, the temporary urban art - this building is caught between being built and falling into disuse and decay.

My aim is to capture a sense of purity and order by reducing, refining and simplifying. To explore the precarious balance between permanence and temporality, solidity and fragility, failure and success, purity and impurity, construction and destruction, chaos and order

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