13 November 2013

In the making (part 1 and 2)

In the making (part 1) 

Have been reading "Making the Geologic Now - responses to material conditions of contemporary life" edited by Elizabeth Ellsworth and Jamie Kruse and came across these passages which describe my present work and thoughts well:

"Of course, geology continues to reference rocks, tectonics, and bare forces of our planet, including deep time. But it is taking up new associations as people struggle to understand and meet new unprecedented material realities of Earth and life on Earth."(p12)

In the making (part 1), 2013. Breeze blocks, particle board in plastic, Harris rocks, artificial leather, inkjet prints,  molehill soil, concrete, giclee prints, paint

"…we are not simply surrounded by the geologic. We do not simply observe it as a landscape or panorama. We inhabit the geologic. We live within it. This means that humans are always forced to come to terms with earth forces eventually."(p 25 and 26)

In the making (part 2), 2013. Breeze blocks, Harris rocks, peat, paint, inkjet prints, artificial leather, concrete, particle board, molehill soil

                                                        In the making (part 2) - detail


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