15 January 2013

Archive, 2010-2011

Claire Danes at the Golden Globes, 2013

This photograph reminded me of some of my work from 2010 and 2011 (see below). Themes and concepts such as the interior and exterior, the natural and the man-made, permanence and the temporary, purity and impurity were explored through processes of movement, displacement and transformation. These are still prevalent in my practice where material, object, form, space, colour and concept are all equally considered.


At Context, there is no place to park, 2011
concrete, carpet, molehills

We have never been modern (macro) version 2, 2011
molehill, carpet, 4 breeze blocks

Cloakroom community, 2011
carpet, concrete, marmoleum, molehill soil, paint, 


We have never been modern (macro), 2011
6 breeze blocks, concrete, carpet, 6 molehills

Flipflop their modes of existence, 2010
wood, inner tube, funnel, glass bottle, newspaper, brick, carpet, slate, sock, magazine, tape, bouncy ball, glass bowl, metal

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