3 May 2013

Anthropocene - an epoch in the making

Anthropocene2, giclee print

Anthro - human
cene - new

Where human activity exceeds natural processes in many ways.

What will the rocks of the human species look like? - influenced by concrete, farming, mining, pollution, habitat destruction.
                                       Have we entered the New Man epoch or is it an epoch in the making?

Natural, manmade.
Where does one begin and the other end?                                             No longer pure.

                                    Create mixtures, hybrids of nature and culture.

The natural, manmade, architectural, human activity, natural processes meet and collide.


 A transitional zone between 2 different ecosystems where 2 different patches meet that have different ecological composition.
Tension zones.             
Edge effects.

Dismantle traditional separations. Look at ways to conjoin nature and culture.

Anthropogenic fragmentation of landscapes.

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